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My Bull Fucks Me As My Cuckold Lover Watches
My Cuckold Lover Loves To Watch My Bull Fuck Me

Being an intelligent femdom, my life is all about me and being satisfied.  Your mission in life should be about making sure I’m satisfied too.

Obviously you already know what I crave – enormous, girthy, throbbing cock – and that little peenie weenie of yours just doesn’t measure up.

Not only is it way too skinny – it’s short too!  Honestly, I have seen women who have bigger clitties than that little thing you have poking against the crotch of your panties!

So, the only way I can see me staying with you is if I turn you into my cuckold lover.  You see, your bank account is way bigger than what you like to think of as your manhood.

Your Mouth Has Talent

Don’t get me wrong lover,  your oral skills are excellent!  Obviously I should know first hand, since I spent so much time training you how to service my exquisite pussy and ass.

From the day I realized that tennie weenie was never going to measure up or satisfy me, I put my plan in motion.  I’ve sat upon your face, directed your loving oral ministrations for months, making sure you became quite the cunning linguist!

Cumming from your cunnilingus action is nice,  but it’s lacking something. There’s nothing like having my pussy pounded and wrapped around the shaft of a big black cock.   Yep, I love the BBC and in time, you will too.   I promise!

Cuckold Must Service The Bull

Now, not only have I made you an expert on servicing my pussy with your sweet little mouth,  I have another skill to teach you!

I am going to make you an expert at sucking cock.  Not just any cock, big black cock.  There are certain skill sets needed to suck big black cock and I plan to teach you every one of them.

You will be my personal cuckold and little cum whore.  To my bulls, you will be their cuckold cum dumpster.  You will learn to fluff them up for me, sucking and slurping on their monster cocks.  Making their man meat ready and rock hard for my scrumptious  pussy.

And, if they do find any flaws or faults with your cock sucking skills, I am sure they will overlook them when they enter my pleasure palace.

So, let’s do a recap.  You are going to be my cuckold lover because your small cock can’t satisfy me even though you have par excellence oral skills.  I have turned you into a hungry cock whore who gets off on fluffing a BBC before it fucks your cheating girlfriend.  Mostly though, you need to be my cuckold lover because you know how much I need big, black cock.

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Intelligent Femdom Phonesex

Intelligent Men Seek Intelligent Femdoms

Experience Intelligent Femdom Phonesex
Indulge In Intelligent Femdom Phonesex

There is some confusion and myths that intellectual males don’t call Femdom phone sex lines. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Actually, numerous exceptionally savvy men are regulars of Femdom phone sex. Not just that, it is frequently more regular for those of higher knowledge and intelligence to search out intelligent Femdoms to converse with.

Why, you solicit, would somebody from higher insight need to contract a phone sex Femdom?

There is plenty of motivation behind why clever men would call Femdom phone sex.  Astute men have had their invested years being enmeshed in whatever topic that  exceed their expectations.  Namely their high powered career.  Men are often precise, meticulous creatures and need extensive stimulation.

Enhance Yourself With Intelligent Femdom Phonesex

You have a need to  discover a lady that can enhance your sexuality and your need for sexual exploration.  You have a penchant desire to find a  lady that can complete broad scholarly discussions, and also a lady that can fortify your requirement for sexual revelation and development.

Insightful men need to realize that they have been outmatched for now,  so they can genuinely relinquish their restraints and plunge profoundly into their sexual longings and dreams.

Clever men have frequently invested so much energy sharpening their scholastic abilities that they never took the time to totally ace their aptitudes of satisfying the lovely and tasteful women that they desire.

This drives them to scan for educated and intelligent Femdoms to guide them  and show them the methods for satisfying ladies. Now and again these men come seeking a woman that can push their limits and show them all about their own mystery obsession.

They, for the most part have the same base needs: direction, understanding, scholarly incitement blended with sexual investigation.

Enjoy Secrecy With Intelligent Femdom Phone Sex

It has been demonstrated through examination by driving clinicians that we are regularly pulled in to those that show the same attributes that we esteem in ourselves.

This would be a straightforward logical clarification for why insightful men are searching for a prepared, experienced and intelligent phone sex Femdom.  Numerous clever men appreciate the sheer secrecy of Femdom phonesex.

Being unknown, permits the savvy men to relinquish hindrances and to explore different avenues regarding obsessions and dreams that they would not ordinarily admit to. They are searching for genuine acknowledgement of their urgent requirement for sexual investigation. These insightful men require a sheltered domain to let their overactive creative abilities run wild with sexual deviancy.

Smart men are searching for an enthusiasm that can just accompany the sort of genuineness that the intelligent Femdom phone sex offers. This energy and fortifying sexual fervor is the thing that will have insightful men calling their intelligent Femdom phone sex partner again and again.

We Love Your Twisted, Distorted Minds!

Phonesex offers them a definitive chance to enjoy securely in their sexual interests, also the consoling, non-judgmental fraternity.

Fellowship assumes a much greater part in the rehash utilization of Femdom phone sex. Keen men so gravely desire capacity to be open and genuine in ways that could be inconvenient to genuine real life connections.

They require sexy, confident, intelligent Femdoms that they can share their distorted, twisted information of the world. It is often an intimate connection that can be found only when you discover the wonderful world of intelligent Femdom phone sex.

Until later……..

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Financial Domination-Addiction-Blackmail-Ruination

 What Exactly Is Financial Domination?

Piggy's Love Financial Domination
Financial Domination For The Pathetic Pay Pig

Financial Domination is the act of a male with submissive tendencies, who enjoys giving money to his Findom Mistress.

The submissive male  experiences  many emotions from engaging in  Financial Domination.

These feelings are, but not limited to; feeling incredibly satisfied, sexually aroused, elated, exhilarating, vulnerable, manic, out of control,  and at times very emotionally unstable and irrational.

Some submissive men simply enjoy the act of giving his money away as a form of power exchange. This may be done with random women, or with professional Findom Mistresses.  In any case, financial domination can be very extreme.  Financial domination can cause hardship and even financial ruin!

Is Financial Domination A Fetish?

Financial Domination is a fetish much like any other fetish, but it involves the exchange of large amounts of money and or lavish gifts. This type of activity can be very dangerous.  It’s kind of like playing Russian Roulette,  if you’re not careful it can allow your fetish/addiction to spin out of control.

Is Financial Domination Addictive?

The Findom Mistress may do any number of things to extract money from the Financial Domination enthusiast.  She may even go to extreme measures, such as blackmail to manipulate large amounts of cash and or extravagant gifts from the Financial Domination addict.

Financial Domination is not only a fetish, but it is a very addictive fetish for both the supplicant and his Findom Mistress.   We even have the cutest  little pet names for you!

These men are often referred to as Human ATM,  Money Slaves, Pay Pigs, Piggy’s,  Cash Cows  and even Sugar Daddies.   We reserve the term Whales for the men who tribute sums of money and lavish gifts that escalate well beyond the six figure income.

Men from all socioeconomic backgrounds may engage in this practice.   Some have the disposable income, some do not.  The bottom line is your Findom Mistress collects and reaps the rewards of her addicted little addicts.

Want to learn more?  Sure you do!  I have peaked your interest and curiosity and now you want to learn more.   Join us for a journey into Financial Domination………here piggy, piggy, piggy…….we’re waiting for you!


How does the Female Led Relationship work?

How does a female dominant, male submissive relationship work?

TC-137868-MainIconThe question is simple yet complex. There are so many levels and different avenues and ways of going about it, in regards to a female led relationship that it’s difficult to explain in just one hour. BUT, we did graze the tip of it 😉

For men, FLR goes far beyond just being told what to do. It is a very intimate, sometimes emotional experience for men. Even they sometimes have a hard time truly communicating their feelings. Full disclosure is key for a happy FLR.

Mistress Isabelle and myself, go over the 4 levels of the Female Led Relationship.

Level 1: Low Key

Level 2: Moderate Female Leadership

Level 3: Formal Female Leadership

Level 4: Extreme Female Leadership

We agree, that we find ourselves in Level 4, and we often times fill the void for those submissive men that have found themselves in the lower level forms of the D/s relationship.

You can listen to our podcast below or download it so you can listen to it during a more private time.

Then join us next week for our next bdsm related podcast as we ask and answer the question

Can a dominant be truly submissive?

Share your opinions below to have them discussed live, during our next podcast. OR JOIN us live at 3:30 pm eastern, April 29th.

Until then loves,

Mistress Lillith

The Intelligent Femdom Duo Welcomes you

Welcome to our dear stroker pets, sissy girls and anyone that has searched for and found a dominant duo of elite, intelligent femdoms.

The only thing better than one intelligent femdom…is two, but that goes without saying.

Ms. Isabelle and I seek to educate the masses and discuss a variety of topics ranging from the very vanilla to the perhaps, more taboo in terms of the fetish lifestyles. We are here to enhance your erotic fantasies and encourage you to branch out of your comfort zone in search of something new, fresh and exciting.

Not only do we offer a weekly adult podcast for you to download, but we will have a variety of premium content available AND you can connect with us one on one (or two on one if you would like a party line mistress session) for your own, personal kink therapy.

We are unrestricted, we are uncensored and we are the crème de la crème of the female domination world.

So, join us in the live uncensored chat on talkshoe – you can tune into the chatroom or you can join in on the phone every week. Bookmark the link to our show and subscribe to this blog to keep up to date with our latest and upcoming episodes.  Can’t make it to the live recording? That’s ok, following the live show it will become available for live streaming and/or download for your convenience

Our first episode will go live at 3:30 pm eastern on Wednesday, April 22nd ~ Since it’s the beginning of our erotic podcast, we decided to discuss the beginnings of a submissive.

When did you know you were submissive?

Feel free to call in and weigh in, or comment below with your story and have it shared on air and with our listeners.

We look forward to starting this journey with you. Don’t be frightened, it’s only just begun.

Until then loves,